Caring for the Environment

Looking out for future generations

At Hollybrook Homes we put caring for the environment at the top of our agenda. Whether it’s our one acre “Beneficial-Wildlife Habitat” or our standard-defining low emission levels you can breathe freely in the knowledge that your new home is built with future generations in mind. Each home in Mount Stewart enjoys astonishing floor, attic and wall insulation. Our windows, walls, roofs and doors offer market leading thermal efficiency.

But perhaps the jewel in the crown of our energy efficiency crusade is our Hitachi air-to-water heat pump. With astoundingly low running costs these next generation heating systems are all about saving; saving you money in heating bills and saving our planet for future generations.

All this combines to award our new homes with an A3 energy rating. Based on standardised occupancy as per the SEAI guidelines you can provide your new home with heating, lighting, ventilation and hot water for as little as €2 per day.

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